M (summer_fire) wrote in thespy_1581,

Thespians Own It

If you have a myspace and you're into theatre, you more than likely received an invitation from me to join Thespians Own It. Check out the group pictures, because I uploaded a lot and you might even be in one. Michael, Jason, Hattie, Jenee, Taylor, Sunny, Sam, Russell, Lindy, Blake, Lena, Davis, Shaleen, Meredith, Sam G., and Sarah are in there for sure. I uploaded just about all of the theatrical pictures I've scanned so if you're not in one, I'm sorry! You can upload your own though if you go to that option. Oh, and invite anyone else you know that would join! My facebook group is the biggest one for theatre people at Memphis, and I want to make this one the biggest theatre group myspace has ever seen.
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